The Time That Charles Babbage Tried To Summon The Devil

Charles Babbage was one of the fathers of computing, but in addition to his fascination with mathematics and engineering, he had a curiosity with the occult. Starting from an early age, Babbage wondered if the existence of God and paranormal phenomena could be proven scientifically — and he started by trying to… » 3/05/15 11:00am 3/05/15 11:00am

What Makes Even The Devil Hate Hell? The Bureaucracy

The Devil just wants to buy a few souls and call it a day, but he's constantly wrapped up in red tape. At least in this short film, he can slip away for a massage—but can he relax even there? » 8/28/14 2:35pm 8/28/14 2:35pm

How New Yorkers Handle A Possession Problem In Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil, the supernatural crime thriller shows us how the people of New York City handle the devil. Apparently it's with a lot of sass and street savvy quips like, "Where's your collar, Padre?" Because this movie is based off of the totally factual story from a REAL New York. That really, really happened.… » 6/23/14 7:50am 6/23/14 7:50am

The Rosemary's Baby Miniseries Will Come to Your TV May 11th

We've been waiting on tenterhooks for NBC to tell us when their Rosemary's Baby remake would premiere, and now we know: May 11th, 2014. That's still nearly a month away, but there are more photos to slake your curiosity until then. » 4/13/14 8:00am 4/13/14 8:00am

Zoe Saldana Freaks Out In The New ​Rosemary's Baby Trailer

The more we see of the Rosemary's Baby TV miniseries starring Avatar's Zoe Saldana and Jason Isaacs as the cult leader, the more excited we get. A good reboot, you say? » 4/03/14 9:20am 4/03/14 9:20am

First Teaser For ​Rosemary's Baby Gives Zoe Saldana The Horror Haircut

We're actually fairly excited for NBC's upcoming Rosemary's Baby remake, and not just because they have main character Zoe Saldana in the Mia Farrow haircut (although that helps). But overall we're just genuinely excited for more TV horror! Check out the first stills and teaser from the miniseries right now. » 3/24/14 8:45am 3/24/14 8:45am

What bone-twisting horrors happened to Nell after The Last Exorcism?

We adored the innocent girl Nell and her twisted spine that contorted whenever her sweet little soul was possessed by an evil being from hell. And while The Last Exorcism might have been the end to Cotton Marcus and his film crew, Eli Roth has new plans for Nell in his sequel. We caught up with with the newly… » 2/28/13 8:31am 2/28/13 8:31am

Codex Gigas: Devil's Bible or Just an Old Book?

Scholars find a demonic drawing within a mysterious religious artifact taken as a spoil of war over five hundred years ago. At face value, the story of the Codex Gigas sounds like the script for Indiana Jones 5, but behind the gloss lie genuine questions. What exactly is this artifact? Did an evil monk create it in a… » 1/05/12 8:00am 1/05/12 8:00am

Does the new red band trailer for The Devil Inside scare you?

Cleanse the long holiday weekend with blood and demon fire! Behold the new trailer from The Devil Inside, a movie about priests drowning babies and possessed ladies! While we're weary of yet another found footage film, we're suckers for a good exorcism. But will it be scary? You decide. » 12/26/11 6:55am 12/26/11 6:55am

The Last Exorcism not actually The Last Exorcism: Studio greenlights a…

It's no real surprise that the producers from The Last Exorcism are keen to make a sequel. The mockumentary grossed $62.5 mil worldwide on a budget of $1.6 mil. But what are they going to call it? » 8/25/11 10:22am 8/25/11 10:22am

In the 15th century, Satanic automata wigged out churchgoers

Automata were... theologically and culturally familiar, things with which one could be on easy terms.

They were funny, sometimes bawdy, and they were everywhere... Mechanical devils were...rife. Poised in sacristies, they made horrible faces, howled and stuck out their tongues to instill fear in the hearts of…

» 4/23/11 1:30pm 4/23/11 1:30pm

Watch Malcolm McDowell as Satan on trial, in the first clips from Suing…

Evangelical director Tim Chey is taking the Devil for everything. An Australian law student sues Satan (Malcom McDowell) for 8-trillion dollars. Watch as Satan goes to court, wears sunglasses indoors, slaps his attorney, and is blamed for escalating gas prices. » 3/14/11 6:30am 3/14/11 6:30am

Why all stories should end happily

There are a lot of cinematic crimes committed in the name of ending movies on a feel-good note. The twists range from technologically advanced spacecraft having one major weakness, to bad guys being swayed to the side of good after a brief pep-talk from a hero. These cheap ploys frustrate audiences, but they are in… » 2/25/11 2:19pm 2/25/11 2:19pm

"Drive Angry" is the best exploitation movie in years

Drive Angry is one of those delightfully tasteless movies that turns dumb, gross fun into true artistry. This horror flick is like the three-headed devil child of David Lynch and Rob Zombie - it was crafted with loving care by film nerds who love exploitation movies, and every blood-soaked minute is pure, unhinged… » 2/25/11 12:56pm 2/25/11 12:56pm

Robert Rodriguez's Black Mamba short stars Kanye West, Bruce Willis and…

Check out this strange trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Nike movie called The Black Mamba. Apparently Bruce Willis, who is the devil, wants Kobe Bryant's shoes (because Kobe's the greatest player in the world... *cough*). And now Bryant has to play on a basketball court of fire (OK that part was cool). Danny Trejo's… » 2/03/11 9:58am 2/03/11 9:58am

13 killer films that take place in just one room

Looking for some thrillers that take place entirely in a single enclosed space? Agent Orange from Quiet Earth has counted down 13 of the most nail-biting flicks confined to four walls. » 12/18/10 2:30pm 12/18/10 2:30pm

Shyamalan's Satanic elevator ride won't blow your mind, but it's better…

Unbreakable director (and Last Airbender ruiner) M. Night Shyamalan has doomed the movie Devil by association. People even booed for the trailer featuring his name. But the Devil-in-an-elevator movie is more fun, and less contrived, than the Shyamalan name suggests. » 9/17/10 5:28pm 9/17/10 5:28pm

What's the big twist in M. Night Shyamalan's Devil?

"Five strangers trapped [in an elevator.] One of them is not what they seem." Let the guessing game begin! What is the big twist that came from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan? Who do you think is the Devil? » 9/16/10 1:02pm 9/16/10 1:02pm

Jon Hamm could actually be the next Superman, and an Oscar winner is…

The star of Mad Men might be a serious candidate to play the new Man of Steel. Warner Bros. might have found the right star for Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity. Plus lots of spoilers for Fringe, Chuck, Clone Wars, and more! » 9/14/10 6:00am 9/14/10 6:00am

M. Night Shyamalan's career (as a film by M. Night Shyamalan)

The enterprising jokesters at College Humor have capitalized on the backlash against M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming "Satan-in-an-elevator" film Devil with this fake preview about a chilling world without Shyamalaniacs. Except for M. Night Shyamalan, of course. » 9/08/10 2:15pm 9/08/10 2:15pm