A sneak peek at the next issue of China Miéville's comic book Dial H

Here's an exclusive first look at next week's issue of Dial H, the DC Comics series from Kraken and Railsea author China Miéville, artist Mateus Santolouco, and the legendary Brian Bolland (on cover art). This issue delves further into the history of the mysterious dial that can transform its user into bizarre… » 9/27/12 9:45am 9/27/12 9:45am

A first look at the newest issue of China Miéville's comic book, Dial H

We've been digging Dial H, weird fiction maestro China Miéville's terrifically dark revival of the screwball 1970s "superhero grab bag" concept Dial H For Hero. » 6/27/12 2:15pm 6/27/12 2:15pm

China Miéville gives us a sneak peek of DC Comics' weirdest new…

This May, DC Comics will resurrect Dial H For Hero, an old-school comic about a strange dial that can transforms its user into an entire phone book's worth of superheroes. And who's helming this new series? Why, it's none other than Embassytown, Kraken, and The City & the City author China Miéville. » 3/16/12 8:40am 3/16/12 8:40am