One of the first exoplanets ever discovered could actually be made of…

Remember 55 Cancri e? Sure you do — and if you don't, you should. After all, it may be the first diamond planet ever discovered that orbits a Sun-like star. At least we think it is; if there's one thing 55 Cancri e is good at, it's fooling astronomers into thinking it's something that it's not. » 10/11/12 11:28am 10/11/12 11:28am

Why Water Is The Weirdest Liquid

It's in our homes, our schools, and in houses of national and international power. It's running through our country and underneath our cities. It goes into all of our food, and many of us go to sleep at night with some quantity of it by our bedside. It's water, and since we see it every day, we don't consider it to be… » 2/16/11 9:26am 2/16/11 9:26am