An Obscure African Plant Tells Miners Where to Look for Diamonds 

Diamonds you’re familiar with. Pandanus candelabrum, not so much. And until recently, botanists didn’t pay much attention to this rare, palm-like plant from West Africa either. But the discovery that P. candelabrum grows only over rock that may harbor diamonds has vaulted the plant out of obscurity.
»5/06/15 7:30am5/06/15 7:30am

Geologists now suspect that an entire ocean's worth of water exists deep inside the Earth's crust.

Geologists now suspect that an entire ocean's worth of water exists deep inside the Earth's crust. The discovery of a diamond-like grain made of ringwoodite — a water-rich mineral previously seen only in meteorites — suggests that vast volumes of water are trapped 250–400 miles beneath the surface of the planet. »3/13/14 11:00pm3/13/14 11:00pm

Russia admits to having 'trillions of carats' worth of diamonds hidden in an asteroid crater

Back in the 1970s, the Soviet government discovered a rather remarkable deposit of precious gems in a 100 kilometer (62 mile) crater located in eastern Siberia. Called the Popigai crypto-explosion structure, it contains "impact diamonds" — massive mineral deposits that formed when an asteroid hit the area 35-million… »9/18/12 3:00pm9/18/12 3:00pm

Acid and Gold: The Modern Alchemy of Artificial Gemstones

Everyone knows that humans can make artificial diamonds. But did you know that we can make sapphires, emeralds, and rubies as well? Did you know that this involves weird occult-like instruments, like little rooms lined in gold? Starting with crystal seeds and watering regularly with hydrochloric acid, we can grow a… »8/29/12 5:00pm8/29/12 5:00pm

Computer parts will soon be clad in diamond and silver armor. Really.

Computers are always getting smaller and more powerful, but shrinking things down isn't just a matter of developing better electronics. A great number of practical things need to be considered when cramming technology into a small space. For example, the simple need to keep things cool. More powerful stuff pushed… »3/04/11 3:44pm3/04/11 3:44pm