The Best "Entry Level" Science Fiction Books to Convert Your Friends

A lot of the greatest science fiction and fantasy books are not for newbies. They can be daunting for new readers, because they assume you've already read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. But what are the best "entry level" science fiction and fantasy books? We asked some top editors and writers, and here are… »1/28/14 3:00pm1/28/14 3:00pm


Get your book read by the top editors at Harper Voyager — without needing an agent!

Breaking in to the book world can feel like an impossible quest — but now, there may be a major shortcut. Harper Voyager, one of the top science fiction and fantasy publishers on three continents, is open to unagented submissions for the first two weeks of October. They've put up a portal at… »9/13/12 12:20pm9/13/12 12:20pm