Fan Series Grayson: Earth One Returns To Tell The Tale Of Jason Todd

It's been nearly two years since Hissoni Johnson's Nightwing-origin webseries made its début, but it's returned at last. However, it's not here to give you more Dick Grayson, actually, but to reveal the story of Jason Todd in a world where Batman works alone. » 3/05/15 7:40am 3/05/15 7:40am

American Vampire's Scott Snyder tells us about his upcoming CSI-heavy…

At NYCC, we spoke with comic scribe Scott Snyder about his forensically inclined run on Detective Comics. Snyder told us his plans to put Dick Grayson through the psychological wringer and what's next for the bloodsuckers of American Vampire. » 10/13/10 10:00am 10/13/10 10:00am

The children of superheroes rise up to avenge their fallen parents

Urban fantasy novelist Kelly Meding has sold a superhero novel to Pocket Books, and she tells io9 it's inspired by the New Teen Titans and other tales of "legacy" heroes. Could superhero books be the new urban fantasy? » 5/28/10 12:30pm 5/28/10 12:30pm

Batman Is Reborn...With A Vengeance

Bruce Wayne is dead (or is he?), but the Batman franchise is back in full swing after three months of the meandering Battle for the Cowl. But with seven different Bat-related titles released in June alone, which are the must-reads? » 6/27/09 1:00pm 6/27/09 1:00pm