Diesel superpowers your crotch with color-changing DC Comics underwear

Maybe you've been searching high and low for the perfect pair of boxer briefs to demonstrate your intimate love for Batman, the Flash, or the Green Lantern. But Diesel's line of DC Comics-themed underwear are to be worn strictly under the pants. » 12/03/11 11:15am 12/03/11 11:15am

The Sheet Metal Retail Caves of Tokyo

In Tokyo, retail stores are turning into enormous metal caves. Here's one, installed by artist Kimihiko Okada on the ground floor of the Diesel store in Aoyama. Okada took a giant sheet of metal just millimeters thin and molded it into stalactite shapes. It looks like what you'd imagine nature might become 100 years… » 3/20/08 8:20am 3/20/08 8:20am