A New Comics Publisher Wants To Make Comic Books Just For Your Phone

Digital comics are all the rage these days—but as lovely and accessible comic books are now, you’re still trying to adapt one size and format to squish it down onto the screen of a phone or tablet. Now a new comic publisher wants to change that with a series of creator-owned comics tailored for smartphone reading. »11/16/15 5:05pm11/16/15 5:05pm


Read the Great Cyberpunk Comic Man Plus Months Before It Comes Out

In an age where the line between digital comics and their physical counterparts is becoming blurrier, big publishers are trying new things to get digital readers to buy physical comics. Titan are going a step further: Letting you read weekly pages of comics online, months before they’re due to hit shelves. »8/17/15 11:40am8/17/15 11:40am