Dinosaur 13 And The Story of Sue

Sue is the most famous Tyrannosaurus rex fossil in the world, marking a turning point in tension between commercial and academic collectors. The documentary Dinosaur 13 tells her story, but it misses out on so many intricate details that make the true story so much richer. Read on for the review. » 12/31/14 9:05pm 12/31/14 9:05pm

Sundance 2014 Roundup: Which New Indie Movie Will Rock Your Theater?

In years past, the Sundance festival has helped to break the movies that we've wound up falling in love with. Movies like Robot & Frank and Upstream Color. So with this year's Sundance in full swing, which movies are you going to be hearing more about? We've rounded up some early reviews. » 1/20/14 3:34pm 1/20/14 3:34pm