The 9 Worst Utopias Ever Created

A “utopia” is a fictional place where everything is perfect; it’s supposed to give us a goal to aspire to, a place that we hope we — or maybe even the entire human race — can one day reach. But not all perfect societies are created equal. In fact, here are nine utopias that actually sound pretty goddamned terrible. » 8/22/13 11:00am 8/22/13 11:00am

The 20 Dinosaurs Who Wouldn't Die

Forget the gene splicing of Jurassic Park — the best dinosaurs in science fiction are hyper-evolved reptosapiens or confused, time-displaced beasts. Here are 20 fantastic saurians who just wouldn't go extinct. » 11/10/10 4:30pm 11/10/10 4:30pm

A Horse by Any Other Name is Probably Not a Horse

Saddling up your faithful steed to ride off into the sunset is one of those things best left to John Wayne. Sometimes. Here are some of science fiction's best substitutes for our friend, the horse.
» 2/12/09 4:30pm 2/12/09 4:30pm