Why Doesn't Robert Wise Get More Props As A Science Fiction Director?

When people talk about the great directors in science fiction, names like Kubrick and Spielberg get bandied about... but Robert Wise seldom gets enough love. The director of The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Andromeda Strain and Star Trek: The Motion Picture deserves more attention, argues Den of Geek. »11/21/14 7:00pm11/21/14 7:00pm


Who's Really The Greatest SF Director Working Today?

We caused some consternation last week when we said Danny Boyle »10/28/08 5:09pm10/28/08 5:09pm might be the most gifted director currently working in science fiction. So it's time to settle the issue. Who's really the greatest and most talented director creating science fiction movies today? Note: We didn't include any directors who haven't worked…