The Avengers assemble themselves into Earth’s mightiest Blu-ray collector’s set

Do you ever you wish you were omnipotent? If you answered yes and you have $150, congratulations — you can buy the Cosmic Cube, which gives you the power to alter the very fabric of reality, starting tomorrow! And as a bonus, it comes with six free Marvel movies on Blu-ray! But that’s hardly the only prize in this… »4/01/13 4:40pm4/01/13 4:40pm

The Unknown Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Prequel You've Already Read

Seven years after his death, an unfulfilled idea of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy creator Douglas Adams is about to come to fruition, as the BBC prepares to bring unlikely detective Dirk Gently into the Hitchhikers universe in a new radio series. This strange move is a result of creative frustrations that led Adams… »7/02/08 1:20pm7/02/08 1:20pm