A Statistical Analysis That Reveals Why Aspiring Screenwriters Fail

The data-crunching fiends over at Five Thirty Eight examined the data from thousands of script evaluations of screenplays by newbie writers, submitted to the Black List of unproduced screenplays. And they found that science fiction and comedies have the worst ratings of all — as well as the reasons why these scripts… »11/14/14 12:45pm11/14/14 12:45pm

Louis Leterrier finally gets green light to direct the world's silliest disaster movie: Earth's gravity stops working!

Yesterday, Universal Pictures announced a deal for Louis Leterrier to direct G, a science fiction "tentpole" movie. Nothing much was revealed about G, except that it's "a scifi disaster pic with shades of The Day After Tomorrow and Taken." And they haven't hired a screenwriter yet. »2/23/11 11:30am2/23/11 11:30am

252 Typhoon Survivors Buried In A Mall — How Long Until They Start To Steal?

If you're trapped in a mall at the end of the world, at least you can still get an Orange Julius - until all of the lights go out and people start to go all Lord of the Flies. The new Japanese natural disaster flick 252 takes place after the world's largest typhoon crashes through Tokyo. Buried beneath the rubble and… »8/11/08 7:33pm8/11/08 7:33pm

Transformers Meets Cloverfield, from the Director Of Hostel

Hostel director Eli Roth is sick of doing torture-porn, and he's in the home stretch of writing a huge-budget PG-13 science fiction movie that he says is inspired by Transformers and Cloverfield. He isn't giving any details about the new project, except that it'll feature "mass-destruction" and pandemonium. (The other… »4/25/08 10:00am4/25/08 10:00am