Sinking Ships, Exploding Airships, and Collapsing Bridges: The Dumbest…

Human ingenuity, our ceaseless drive to invent, create, and build, is one of our species's greatest strengths. But sometimes people just don't know what the hell they're doing. Here are the most ridiculous engineering disasters in human history. » 11/30/10 2:30pm 11/30/10 2:30pm

How To Survive A Mass Extinction

250 million years ago, 95% of life on Earth perished, probably from megavolcanoes. 65 million years ago, a meteor strike destroyed the dinosaurs. Now, some say another mass extinction is underway. Scientists tell you how to survive it. » 11/29/10 2:08am 11/29/10 2:08am

The 10 stupidest (and most shameless) Mad Max rip-offs

Mad Max is a movie about a post-disaster world, and its success has inspired oodles of disastrously bad films. Witness Grade-Z movies so epically execrable that you'll be yearning for a couple minutes in Thunderdome. » 11/28/10 8:40am 11/28/10 8:40am

Disaster, Immortalized.

Last week Annalee told me that io9 was going to devote a week to "Disasters", and wondered if I'd like to do something special. Disaster being my "thing," I said yes. » 11/28/10 7:45am 11/28/10 7:45am

A giant concrete dome filled with radioactive dirt, smack dab in the…

In 1958, the United States tested the 18-kiloton "Cactus" nuclear device on Runit Island in the Pacific. 20 years later, Cactus' 350-foot-wide crater was filled with radioactive soil and covered with a 100,000-square-foot concrete dome. Worst vacation ever? » 11/27/10 2:00pm 11/27/10 2:00pm

Extreme Survival 101: How to survive a falling elevator, surf a lava…

Survival isn't just a matter of stockpiling food and water purification tablets. This guide is for situations more extreme than that. Find out how to defuse a nuclear bomb, survive a 3500 foot plunge, and surf down a lava wave. » 11/26/10 7:30am 11/26/10 7:30am

People will usually do the wrong long as it's not too much…

Psychology has a bad habit of turning up unpleasant truths, and this is one of them. If you make doing the wrong thing easier than doing the right thing, then most people will just go with the immoral flow. » 11/25/10 4:00pm 11/25/10 4:00pm

Serving Man: How to Eat Like a Cannibal This Thanksgiving

It's hard to find fresh turkey during the zombie apocalypse. So why not spice things up by feasting on one of the most bountiful food sources on the planet? Here's everything you need to know to serve man. » 11/25/10 1:30pm 11/25/10 1:30pm

Nuclear Holocaust Really Is The Sum Of All Fears

The specter of nuclear holocaust has haunted humanity for more than 60 years now. Here are some of the reasons that a nuclear nightmare is the worst one of all. » 11/25/10 9:00am 11/25/10 9:00am

A Map of the World That Reveals Natural Disaster Hot Zones

Want to know where you should live if you are hoping to avoid the next catastrophic earthquake, flood, megavolcano, or storm? Consult our map of disaster hot zones of the world. » 11/24/10 6:34pm 11/24/10 6:34pm

Sleaziest moments from Barb Wire, the post-apocalyptic fetish…

Everybody knows the world is going to be much sexier after the apocalypse. Exhibit A: Barb Wire, the trash orgy starring Pamela Anderson as a stripper who fights for freedom. Or something. Here are the sleaziest moments (possibly NSFW). » 11/24/10 6:32pm 11/24/10 6:32pm

We've seen the future and it's coming to crush us: Pre-apocalyptic…

Why are pre-apocalyptic stories so popular? We get why everyone loves post-apocalyptic worlds: Everybody wants to fantasize about surviving, rebuilding, remaking the world in a new image. But why do people love stories that take place before a horrible disaster? » 11/24/10 4:17pm 11/24/10 4:17pm

The End Is Near! A collection of the greatest end-of-the-world signs

What's the perfect fashion item to be wearing when disaster strikes? A big sign that says "The End is Near." So we rounded up our favorite signs that forewarn the end of days — or at least made us laugh. » 11/24/10 2:50pm 11/24/10 2:50pm

They're still doing a Waterworld show at Universal Studios - and it…

Did you know they're still doing a Waterworld show at Universal Studios Hollywood? We didn't, until we read it might get phased out. Despite being based on a totally forgettable movie, the show looks pretty amazing. Check out some photos. » 11/24/10 9:00am 11/24/10 9:00am

Grizzly Bear vs. Polar Bear - Who Will Win?

Climate change is steering grizzly bears and polar bears on a collision course. When they meet in the middle, fights are inevitable. Find out who is favored to win, evolutionarily speaking. » 11/24/10 8:30am 11/24/10 8:30am

The worst and weirdest food disasters you'll ever experience

Food is a hoot to eat, but it's significantly less fun when it's exploding or drowning you or turning you into a psychedelic werewolf. Here are seven kinds of real-life food disasters that will make you lose your appetite...forever. » 11/23/10 4:07pm 11/23/10 4:07pm

30 Awesome Disaster Movie Money Shots

Every great disaster movie has some moments of pure, epic destruction, where everything collapses, burns or blows up real good. Bonus points for destroyed landmarks and victim cameos. Here are 30 amazing money shots from the greatest disaster porn flicks. » 11/22/10 4:10pm 11/22/10 4:10pm

This week, io9 takes you into the disaster zone

With the holidays coming up, it's the perfect time to explore the many faces of disaster. This week, io9 takes you inside the Earth's biggest disasters, from toxic floods to Waterworld. » 11/22/10 1:43pm 11/22/10 1:43pm