Remember when Superman disarmed a bomb by disco dancing?

In the grand scope of Superman adventures, all of them are drossy pap compared to the time Clark Kent saved his teenage fan club using the power of dance. It was truly the most important of the Superman escapades.

In 1979's Superman Family #196, stodgy Clark Kent is pressganged by the "Clark Kent Fan Club" (yes, this was … » 9/12/12 1:55pm 9/12/12 1:55pm

The 1978 Doctor Who disco theme is pure hot fire

Almost every single science fiction theme that exists has received some manner of brain-detonating dancefloor remix, but one-hit wonder Mankind's reworking of the Doctor Who theme in 1978 was actually solid. Pair it with "Doctorin' the TARDIS" next time you invite some Ice Warriors over for, uh, Ice Warrior food. » 8/07/12 6:40am 8/07/12 6:40am

We dare you to make sense of this 1978 Italian variety show starring…

And now, a little song and dance number that falls somewhere between "Space Fever" and the Star Wars theme with French lyrics. This here is Cole Porter's "Night and Day" as sung by stalwart Italian TV songstress Raffaella Carrà. Watch as she travels to another planet, where she is flanked by a flamboyant militia of Aladdin … » 5/21/12 3:50pm 5/21/12 3:50pm

The Battlestar Galactica disco jacket is the coolest article of…

Well, maybe a few of you lucky bastards did. But the rest of us can only imagine a bygone discotheque with Giorgio Moroder on full blast, Muffit II blowing rails in the ladies' water closet, and the spectral outlines of Gaius Baltar and Caprica Six getting drunk in a corner somewhere. » 3/08/12 2:35pm 3/08/12 2:35pm

A collection of Star Wars t-shirts that can serve as your entire…

Is that a bearded, lightsaber-wielding Han Solo?! You bet your ass it is. This t-shirt features early concept art drawn up by none other than legendary concept designer Ralph McQuarrie — the man behind much of the look and feel of the original Star Wars trilogy. This is just one of over 20 new Star Wars tees being sold … » 8/03/11 5:25pm 8/03/11 5:25pm

Hooray, a version of the Jaws theme that sounds like a 1970s porno

In 1976, legendary composer Lalo Schifrin (Mission: Impossible, Enter the Dragon) released this astounding disco-funk cover of John Williams' Jaws theme. It sounds like afternoon delight with a megalodon...or riding shotgun with a hammerhead for a Bay Area car chase. » 6/27/11 2:30pm 6/27/11 2:30pm

Who wants to hear the 1979 disco version of the Alien theme?

We do appreciate some disco insanity on this here site, so here's Nostromo's remix of the Alien theme. It takes all the cosmic dread out of Jerry Goldsmith's original score and turns it into a keyboard party! » 5/07/11 9:30am 5/07/11 9:30am

Disco Skating In The Twenty-Fifth Century With Buck Rogers

If you don't know why the early-1980s Buck Rogers in the 25th Century TV series is damn near perfect, then this clip from the episode "Escape from Wedded Bliss" will explain it all to you. Earth is in danger because evil Princess Ardala (wearing the purple spangly lingerie and tiara) has declared that she'll use her… » 10/09/07 3:38pm 10/09/07 3:38pm