Will Smallpox Reemerge in Siberia as Corpses Thaw from Climate Change?

In an article primarily about the potential folly of holding onto stockpiles of smallpox virus for research purposes—a now-eradicated plague that humans no longer have natural immunity to and that would very likely cause a worldwide catastrophe should it escape from the lab—the BBC includes one awesomely horrible… » 2/03/14 4:07pm 2/03/14 4:07pm

This tiny, wearable patch makes you invisible to mosquitos

A mosquito can detect the carbon dioxide emanating from a prospective meal from hundreds of feet away. The Kite Patch, a small, non-toxic sticker that you place on your clothing, can jam a mosquito's CO2 radar. Wear one, the patch's creators say, and you'll be effectively invisible to the bloodsuckers for up to 48… » 7/24/13 8:40am 7/24/13 8:40am

The deadliest ailments on Earth, mapped by their affected tissues

Artist and physician Odra Noel has created an arresting map of global health, plotting microscopic views of the diseased tissues that correspond to each region's deadliest illnesses. » 7/09/13 7:20am 7/09/13 7:20am

Your Cat Is Trying to Kill You Again, Part II: The Quickening

Remember how your cat was waging a long-con, biological war on you? And then — with suspicious abruptness — it wasn’t waging war on you anymore and you were like, “But I could have sworn...” uneasily returning to your household chores with a creeping feeling that your cat hadn’t abandoned its murderous plans? Well, it… » 6/30/13 4:30pm 6/30/13 4:30pm

The most original (and scientifically plausible) zombies of the year

We're all feeling a little let down by the World War Z movie, but that doesn't mean the zombie trope has expired. In fact, this year witnessed the emergence of an utterly original kind of zombie — and it's even scientifically plausible. I'm speaking, of course, about the "infected" from the game The Last of Us. » 6/26/13 10:40am 6/26/13 10:40am

Will Adam Baldwin steal Michael Bay's post-apocalyptic show Last Ship?

Check out the first trailer for The Last Ship, the show about a deadly viral apocalypse from executive producer Michael Bay. TNT has officially greenlit this show about a single Navy vessel after the end of the world, airing in 2014. » 5/07/13 12:49pm 5/07/13 12:49pm

Dracunculiasis - an invasion of “little dragons” - is the scariest…

A parasitic disease affecting mammals, medieval serfs deemed what we now know as dracunculiasis as an invasion of tiny dragons — dragons that eventually burrowed out of the skin. Multiple ancient texts refer to the disease, with the manner for treating dracunculiasis continuing to be a simple one. But how does one… » 12/06/12 7:40am 12/06/12 7:40am

Could injecting yourself with blood of the young reverse the aging…

It would appear that the Slovak-Hungarian "Blood Countess" Elizabeth Báthory may have been on to something: Researchers have shown that it is possible to reverse cognitive decline in old mice by injecting them with blood from the young. Elderly mice who were given transfusions of young blood were shown to exhibit… » 10/22/12 1:20pm 10/22/12 1:20pm

Would you pay to be infected with diseases from celebrities? The…

Here's the trailer for Antiviral, which was directed and written by David Cronenberg's son, Brandon. It's apparent that the body horror apple didn't fall far from the tree that screams when you nail a birdhouse to it. Starring Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee from X-Men First Class) and set in the near future, Antiviral » 8/09/12 9:05am 8/09/12 9:05am

The places where an epidemic is most likely to start spreading in the…

When humans travel, diseases travel with them. Events like the 2003 SARS outbreak and 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic have revealed the role that air travel plays in the spread of illness on a global scale. Now, researchers at MIT have developed a computer simulation that suggests which U.S. airports are most likely to… » 7/24/12 8:00am 7/24/12 8:00am

Gastroenteritis outbreak linked to reusable shopping bag

You know those woven reusable shopping bags we all drag along to the grocery store with us? Well, now one of those has been linked to a norovirus outbreak at a girls' soccer tournament.

Top image: pond5/Awrangler

In 2010, a group of 17 young Oregonian women, aged between 13-14, and four adult chaperones, went to… » 5/11/12 10:56am 5/11/12 10:56am