Comic-Con Invaded By Fashionistas

No sooner have we told you how to dress at Comic-Con (and how we're hoping others will dress at Comic-Con) than we hear that Marvel Comics are also planning on making fashion part of their plans for this week's massive pop culture get-together with an hour long fashion show inspired by their characters on Friday… » 7/21/08 6:30am 7/21/08 6:30am

The Unknown Movie That Battlestar Galactica Ripped Off

Screamers 2 will begin shooting in Toronto next month, and that news made us haul out the first film to take another look at it. While the original version of Screamers from 1995 isn't a bad film by any means, it does have a storyline that plenty of people would find pretty frakkin' familiar these days: Humans invent… » 12/06/07 11:15am 12/06/07 11:15am