Oh God, Now The Sword In The Stone Is Getting A Live-Action Remake

Another week, another soulcrushing announcement of Disney’s intent to take your childhood animated movies and render them in flesh: the great behemoth has cast its eyes upon The Sword In The Stone, and determined that it would be 100% better with actual humans rather than its foolish, two-dimensional sorcery! » 7/20/15 1:50pm 7/20/15 1:50pm

Disney's New Tron Roller Coaster Is Absolutely Gorgeous

These days, it seems like Disney owns every major property out there. And while that’s not true, almost all of them will be on display at the company’s newest theme park, Disney Shanghai Resort. Set to open in 2016, it will have new attractions based on Star Wars, Marvel, TronN and Pirates of the Caribbean. » 7/15/15 10:40am 7/15/15 10:40am

Amy Schumer Gives Disney Princesses a Heaping Dose of Reality

Inside Amy Schumer recognizes that there are a few things missing from Disney fairy tales. Like peasant revolts. Marrying cousins. Your literal only job being to produce a male baby. Being executed when that doesn’t happen. Some things aren’t cured just by having Tim Gunn as your attaché. » 6/24/15 10:10pm 6/24/15 10:10pm

Pixar Has A Brand New Masterpiece: Inside Out Will Make You Smarter

The concept of Inside Out sounds unbearably twee, not to mention borrowed from the sitcom Herman’s Head. We’re seeing inside the head of a young girl, where each of her emotions is a cartoon, voiced by a comedian. But Inside Out is actually a brilliant movie about the beginning of wisdom. » 6/19/15 8:00am 6/19/15 8:00am

First Look At The Animal Heroes Of Disney's Next Animated Movie Zootopia

We’ve seen two-dimensional artwork from Disney Animation’s next feature Zootopia, but now we’re finally getting a look at the mismatched pair of critters at the heart of the film. Meet Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a con-artist fox, and Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a rookie rabbit cop hoping to crack a major case. » 6/10/15 10:20am 6/10/15 10:20am