First Look At The Animal Heroes Of Disney's Next Animated Movie Zootopia

We’ve seen two-dimensional artwork from Disney Animation’s next feature Zootopia, but now we’re finally getting a look at the mismatched pair of critters at the heart of the film. Meet Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a con-artist fox, and Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a rookie rabbit cop hoping to crack a major case. » 6/10/15 10:20am 6/10/15 10:20am

Melting Is Now One of Many, Many Terrible Ways a Stormtrooper Can Die

Stormtroopers are the disposable pawns of the Star Wars universe, and there’s more ways for them to die than movie spin-offs planned for the next 20 years. But in addition to dying from blaster fire, TIE fighter crashes, Death Star explosions, and lightsaber attacks, it appears that melting is yet another peril the… » 4/24/15 3:30am 4/24/15 3:30am

Disney's Film Slate Is Heavy With Sequels, Remakes, And Nostalgia 

It’s good to be Disney right now. Why? Because Disney owns everything you want to pay money to see, and their brand new slate should scare the hell out of all other studios. It’s not only impressive but basically a victory lap of remakes, sequels and Marvel blockbusters. Oh, and Star Wars, too. » 4/22/15 11:20am 4/22/15 11:20am