Disney Wants To Turn The Merlin Saga Into Their Next Big Fantasy Movie

Big-ticket Fantasy has had a rough go of late at the box office—but it looks like Disney wants to get behind the genre in a big way: They’ve tasked Lord of the Rings screenwriter Philippa Boyens to write a Merlin movie... and thankfully, it’s not another live-action adaptation of one of their own cartoons. »11/17/15 6:40pm11/17/15 6:40pm


How Pixar Rescued The Good Dinosaur From Creative Extinction

It’s kind of amazing that The Good Dinosaur is hitting theaters in a few weeks. And it actually looks great. Just a couple of years ago, we kept hearing The Good Dinosaur was in the midst of a huge creative crisis. So we talked to director Pete Sohn and producer Denise Ream to find out how they saved the movie. »11/02/15 4:30pm11/02/15 4:30pm

How Pixar Changed All The Rules To Make The Good Dinosaur A Stunning Masterpiece

Pixar’s new movie The Good Dinosaur takes place in a bizarre alternate history—what if the dinosaurs weren’t wiped out 65 million years ago? But the process of making this wild, ambitious film required a very different counterfactual: What if the way animators create scenery and characters had been turned on its head? »10/08/15 6:31pm10/08/15 6:31pm

The 7 dark original stories that inspired 7 popular Disney movies

Disney movies almost always have happy endings but in order to get to the living happily ever after part, some pretty dark things usually have to happen. But they’re not as dark as the original stories the movies are based on. Those are basically horrific tales of torture that have been cleverly repurposed to… »10/05/15 8:00pm10/05/15 8:00pm

The Guardians of the Galaxy Cartoon Loves The Guardians of the Galaxy Film A Little Too Much

The very first shot of Marvel’s new Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon is of Star-Lord’s cassette player. A hand reaches down onto it, the thumb presses play... and then Hooked on a Feeling blares out, as if a million executives simultaneously cried out “Oh god you loved that weird movie we made last year. What do we do… »9/28/15 5:30pm9/28/15 5:30pm

It's the First Trailer For Disney's Wild(ly Unnecessary) Live-Action Jungle Book

On the plus side, Disney’s live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic The Jungle Book seems action packed. Certainly, watching a realistic Bagheera and Shere Khan tussle adds a certain spice to the proceedings. And seeing a super-young Mowgli toss himself of a cliff is pretty damned exciting. Plus, Idris Elba… »9/15/15 12:00pm9/15/15 12:00pm