Disney's new rendering technique could usher in a new era of animation

An animation studio can spend days rendering a scene that features water, smoke and other substances that affect light (and its simulation) in complex ways. Now, a team led by Disney Research Zürich has developed a computational algorithm that can reduce rendering times for such scenes by a factor of up to 1,000. »11/19/13 12:00pm11/19/13 12:00pm


This is some of the most incredible facial modeling we've ever seen — and it was developed by Disney

This is really, really, really impressive. The folks at Disney Research Zurich have just unveiled what they call a "new physical face cloning method" that allows them to fabricate an artificial human face (for use with an animatronics model) at mind-blowing levels of detail. The modeling methods are incredibly… »8/15/12 11:55am8/15/12 11:55am