How Tomorrowland Connects To Disney's Creepy "Small World" Ride

How is exactly is Tomorrowland tied to the Disney empire? Is it tied to anything besides the Tomorrowland theme land? Does it really need to be? Well, it turns out the answer is yes, it's 100% tied to Disneyland in the creepiest way imaginable. It's linked to the "It's a Small World" ride. » 3/12/15 3:45pm 3/12/15 3:45pm

Philip K. Dick On Fine-Tuning Your B.S.-Meter To Spot "Pseudo-Realities"

How can you tell what's real, in a world where huge industries, governments and religions are all trying to force-feed you manufactured realities? Philip K. Dick sums up the challenges of detecting reality in a world that resembles Disneyland, in this great 1978 quote. » 2/25/15 12:36pm 2/25/15 12:36pm

The Secret Tech Behind Disney's Haunted Mansion Illusions


"Perhaps Madame Leota can establish contact," the Ghost Host decides. "She has a remarkable head for materializing...the disembodied!" As the Ghost Host is speaking, the Doom Buggies make their way into a dim parlor and take their place around a large seance circle. » 9/03/14 7:04pm 9/03/14 7:04pm

This USGS Map Treats Disneyland's Matterhorn as a Real Mountain

Escape from Tomorrow: a Movie Shot at Disneyland, Without Permission

We've been absolutely ravenous to check out any footage from Escape From Tomorrow, a surreal piece of black-and-white fantasy shot entirely at Disney theme parks. But without any approval from the Mouse House. » 9/12/13 10:16am 9/12/13 10:16am

Is Disney's Space Mountain comic a primer for their next franchise?

Disney is rolling out their very first graphic novel, titled and inspired by the beloved Tomorrowland ride Space Mountain. Penned by Bryan Q. Miller and drawn by Kelley Jones, take a look at the very first images of the "real-life" Space Mountain. Which, honestly, is nothing like we expected. » 8/07/13 9:40am 8/07/13 9:40am

Darth Vader has no idea how to get to Tokyo Disneyland

It seems like the Dark Lord of the Sith and his small Stormtrooper retinue got a bit lost on their way to Tokyo Disneyland's Star Tours event. The trio wander about Tokyo and the nearby countryside, enjoying the sites, listening to a little shamisen music, and, uh... getting attacked by fresh fish. And is that Darth… » 3/20/13 9:50am 3/20/13 9:50am

Ray Bradbury on how Disneyland humanized robots

Ray Bradbury is a self-professed "Disney nut" and, in 1965, found himself dismayed by an article in the Nation decrying Disneyland as vulgar entertainment. In response, he penned a love letter to Disneyland, defending Walt Disney as a man on the cutting edge of making robots seem human. » 4/15/12 1:00pm 4/15/12 1:00pm

High-tech robotic head owes a debt to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

Projection people aren't an entirely new phenomenon, but this Mask-bot — a new yammering robo-visage from German and Japanese researchers — was built to give robots emotive faces and to replace conference calls with talking heads. » 11/07/11 12:00pm 11/07/11 12:00pm

Admiral Ackbar makes light of the massacre of Alderaan in Star Tours…

Today Disneyworld unveils the newly revamped Star Tours ride, and we've got a behind the scenes look at the brand new tour which includes over 52 different possible simulations! » 5/20/11 11:30am 5/20/11 11:30am

What's happened to Sith Girl? An update on everybody's favorite Jedi…

By now you've all seen the infamous video of little Sariah Gallego publicly pledging her allegiance to Darth Vader in Disneyland. Turns out she's totally legit. Check out this video update on the Sith Girl who won our hearts. » 4/25/11 11:30am 4/25/11 11:30am

Walt Disney didn't put Rasputin in the Haunted Mansion to avoid being…

When Walt Disney was building Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride in the 1960s, he rejected a proposed portrait of the almost unkillable Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin. How come? He was afraid of lawsuits from Rasputin's relations. » 3/22/11 2:25pm 3/22/11 2:25pm

Disney debuts its Star Tours 2 video of death

Star Wars Celebration V is underway and already news is pouring out. Disney has released the brand new Star Tours video, that wants you to visit the beautiful death-trap Alderaan. Check out what the upgraded Disney ride holds for you. » 8/13/10 10:48am 8/13/10 10:48am

Indiana Jones' Disneyland ride becomes a digital diorama using Left 4…

A modder has painstakingly recreated Disneyland's Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride using Valve's undead shooter videogame Left 4 Dead. It's extremely cool, but sadly there are no zombies to be bullwhipped. » 7/04/10 2:19pm 7/04/10 2:19pm

Monsters Inc. Now Taking Applications In Tokyo

Looks like Tokyo's Disneyland is getting some new additions, like one awesome Monsters, Inc. plant from the adorable CG Disney movie. This has the potential of being seriously awesome. Will there be a door docking station? What about a team of disinfectant-toting, hazmat-suited monsters in case any monster gets too… » 10/29/08 1:49pm 10/29/08 1:49pm

Ride the MagLev Train from One Fake Place to Another

U.S. President Bush has authorized construction companies to use $45 million in federal money to construct a maglev train between two amusement parks: Disneyland and Las Vegas. It will be the first levitating train in the U.S., zooming along at up to 300 mph, though the Bush Administration's choice of route is… » 6/09/08 1:11pm 6/09/08 1:11pm

The Magic Kingdom And The Strip, United At Last

In a few years, you could take your kids to Disneyland and pick up a hooker in Vegas — all in the same afternoon. The future of entertainment could change drastically if the American Magline Group succeeds in building its maglev express train from Disneyland to Las Vegas, with a top speed of 300 miles per hour. Seen… » 3/05/08 12:12pm 3/05/08 12:12pm

Tomorrowland Sucks

Disneyland promises visitors through its gates four separate worlds that are supposed to thrill and delight you: Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland. While the other lands deliver on that promise, Tomorrowland seems like it got stuck in Yesterdayland. Once a portal to the future, the amusement… » 11/29/07 3:00pm 11/29/07 3:00pm