Seeing pills dissolve in water is bizarre and almost jarring

Get sick? Pop a pill. Feel sad? Pop a pill. Too excited? Pop a pill. Took too many pills? Pop a pill. Pills are the correct answers to most of life’s problems because chemistry is a hell of an art and the human body is easily unbalanced. But the inoffensive pill shape hides some gnarly things, just take a look at this… »10/15/15 7:30pm10/15/15 7:30pm


In Cutezilla, Your City Has Been Destroyed By Giant Adorable Animals

The film geeks over at Dissolve like to show off their wares by making awesome shorts with nothing but stock footage and some Photoshopperie. Such is the case with Cutezilla, which is possibly the greatest movie about giant puppies, squirrels and turtles ever made. It will definitely brighten your afternoon. »6/17/14 3:48pm6/17/14 3:48pm