Quentin Tarantino Is Making A Django Unchained/Zorro Crossover Comic

We hoped that Quentin Tarantino's avenging ex-slave Django would ride again, but we never expected that he'd team up with another pop culture character. Tarantino is collaborating on a comic where Django meets up with the famed vigilante Zorro. » 6/18/14 3:43pm 6/18/14 3:43pm

It’s Repo Man vs. Iron Man vs. Gunman in this week’s DVD releases!

Quentin Tarantino’s latest alt-history opus, Marvel’s latest movie team-up, and Criterion takes on one of the greatest cult films of all time are all part of this week’s new DVD and Blu-ray releases! » 4/15/13 1:40pm 4/15/13 1:40pm

Tarantino's third alternate history movie will be a much bloodier…

If you didn't get enough cathartic revenge for historical wrongs from Django Unchained, then rejoice. Quentin Tarantino isn't done showing the victims of racial abuse rising up and killing the oppressors. His third alt-history movie, Killer Crow, tells the story of African American soldiers during World War II who go… » 12/29/12 3:00pm 12/29/12 3:00pm

Django Unchained: What Kind of Fantasy Is This?

Two years before the Civil War, a freed slave named Django becomes a bounty hunter because he can't think of any job more awesome than killing white guys for money. Wearing anachronistic sunglasses, accompanied by his preternaturally anti-racist white partner Schultz, he shoots his way through the South with one… » 12/28/12 11:36am 12/28/12 11:36am