Dollhouse Finale Pics, Sexy Doctor Who Image, Weird Caprica Clip, And Book Of Eli's Samurai Action

Dollhouse finale pics reveal who's standing after the apocalypse, and a Book Of Eli featurette showcases Denzel's swordplay. A new Caprica clip shows Cylon body-image issues. Pics from Doctor Who, True Blood, Percy Jackson and Smallville. Plus Lost and Imaginarium. » 1/06/10 6:00am 1/06/10 6:00am

Crazy-Sexy Doctor Who Set Pics, A Psychedelic Doctor Parnassus Trailer, And Your First Darth Sidious Clip!

Almost too much spoilery goodness: Doctor Who says goodbye to an old friend in can't-miss set pics. There's a new Doctor Parnassus trailer. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin joins Chuck! Lesbionic Heroes clips! Plus Gentlemen Broncos, Lost, Smallville, Fringe and FlashForward. » 10/08/09 6:00am 10/08/09 6:00am

Ledger's Last Film No Dark Knight Easy Sell, Says Studio

Heath Ledger's death gave The Dark Knight » 8/18/08 6:30am 8/18/08 6:30am some buzz, though for tragic reasons. But the makers of Ledger's final movie, Terry Gilliam's , are concerned that even rumors of an Oscar nomination for the deceased actor can't help their movie find a US distributor.According to , potential distributors drawn in by the…