Doctor Who's Russell T. Davies Is The Gay Michael Bay

After watching last night's Doctor Who episode, I wished for the first time ever that Russell T. Davies would stay on to produce a fifth season of the BBC's time-traveling adventure show. Not because I think a fifth RTD season would be good, but because I'm dying to see how he could come up with a zanier and more… » 6/29/08 3:00pm 6/29/08 3:00pm

Doctor Who And The Dumb Girls Who Are Dumb OK

Well, that was a little bit disappointing. I still think Steven Moffat is the best writer for the new version of Doctor Who, the BBC's action-comedy about an eccentric time traveler. But after watching the second part of Moffat's haunted-library two-parter, I have a fuller understanding of exactly what people are… » 6/09/08 5:53pm 6/09/08 5:53pm

Doctor Who Gives A Glimpse Of Its Own Future

The mark of a great episode of time-traveling dramedy Doctor Who: I couldn't think of which "Aha!" moment to include as a little clip with this recap. I settled on the episode's weird little homage to The Matrix (sans blue pill) because it was just such a great little moment, and it opened up the whole episode. But… » 6/02/08 4:57pm 6/02/08 4:57pm

Doctor Who's New Girlfriend GIves Good Phone

Here's the moment where I decided I was actually getting to like brassy comedian Catherine Tate as the new traveling companion for Doctor Who's quirky time-traveler. Yes, she's not nearly as clever as Martha Jones, my number one hero, but that makes her heroics, when they happen, more exciting and suspenseful. I… » 5/06/08 6:30am 5/06/08 6:30am

Sergey Brin Riverdances With Alien Warriors On Doctor Who

When Russell T. Davies (Queer As Folk) first brought the BBC's time-traveling family adventure series Doctor Who back from oblivion, it was just as fresh and exciting as everyone had hoped. New mysteries about the "time war" replaced stale old mythology, and the Doctor was traveling with someone who still had friends… » 4/28/08 4:33pm 4/28/08 4:33pm

Doctor Who Finally Asks The Tough Questions About Time Travel

One of the many things I love about Russell T. Davies' reinvention of Doctor Who is the fact that it's taken the time to question some of the show's most basic (and quasi-magical) tenets. What's more, it's done so in a way that's actually boosted our suspension of disbelief, rather than undermining it, which is no… » 4/14/08 4:55pm 4/14/08 4:55pm