It's a full-blown Whedon-palooza at Amazon this weekend

Just a heads up: Amazon's got a nice lineup of stuff on sale this week from Joss Whedon's television oeuvre, with box sets of Buffy, Firefly, and more available in DVD and Blu-Ray offerings. (Firefly and Dollhouse season 1 Blu-rays are region-free, too, which is always nice.) Fans looking to flesh out their… » 3/09/14 11:27am 3/09/14 11:27am

Marcel Theroux' Strange Bodies is the most tragic vision of immortality

You think you know how terrible immortality could be? Forget your sad vampires and your lonely gods — the new book Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux has the saddest version of living forever. And the most saddening part? It's a distortion of the writer's greatest dream: to live on through your words. » 2/10/14 4:40pm 2/10/14 4:40pm

​10 Bafflingly Incompetent Evil Corporations

It's hard to be a mega-company and not be evil. There's just something about setting up a huge conglomerate of global reach that somehow makes a CEO want to develop viruses and weapons and evil robots, I guess. But just because a corporation is evil doesn't mean that's it's good at being evil — here are 10 companies… » 1/27/14 10:15am 1/27/14 10:15am

Harry Lennix has a theory about what happened to Boyd on Dollhouse

Seriously, Dollhouse ended a few years ago — but we still haven't wrapped our heads around what happened to Boyd, Harry Lennix's character. We caught up with Lennix at Comic-Con and asked him about it. And it turns out he has a whole theory. » 7/23/13 4:38pm 7/23/13 4:38pm

Supercut: "Dragged to the Altar" Scenes from Science Fiction & Fantasy

Weddings are magical and transformative — except when you're being forced to marry someone against your will. Just the other day one of our favorite shows featured a shotgun wedding. To celebrate, here's our collection of scenes where an unwilling bride or groom is tying the knot. With no recent spoilers. » 5/22/13 10:00am 5/22/13 10:00am

io9's March TV Madness: Star Trek vs. The X-Files! Plus the Whedon…

The Final Four is now set, in our quest to find the greatest science fiction and fantasy TV show of them all. And today, you'll be voting on the first of two titanic semifinal match-ups. The X-Files vs. the original Star Trek: who ya got!? Also, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the rest finally put in an… » 3/25/13 12:02pm 3/25/13 12:02pm

Myths About Joss Whedon (That Keep Non-Whedonistas Away)

Absolutely everybody on the planet saw Joss Whedon's The Avengers a few times — but still, many of our fellow humans have yet to delve into the Whedon back catalog. Possibly even including you. With Whedon filming the pilot for his new S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show right now, this is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the… » 2/08/13 12:55pm 2/08/13 12:55pm

We could be watching The CW's answer to The Hunger Games this fall

On paper, The CW's show The Selection sounds like a slam dunk: a TV version of Hunger Games, set 300 years in the future, where the reward for winning is to marry a handsome prince. But when The CW actually filmed a pilot last year, the results were apparently not satisfactory — perhaps not surprising, given some… » 1/23/13 12:20pm 1/23/13 12:20pm

A crumbling farmhouse is revived as a life-sized dollhouse

From the department of reclaimed modern ruins, artist Heather Benning took a derelict Saskatchewan farmhouse and transformed it into a life-sized version of a child's dollhouse. » 7/01/12 10:30am 7/01/12 10:30am

Relationship Secrets from Science Fiction and Fantasy

Love is the greatest adventure of all. And it's one that no holographic mentor or alien sidekick can prepare you for. So it's lucky that science fiction and fantasy are chock full of stories of people who've played the game of love... and won. (Or, in some cases, just not died.) » 4/16/12 3:18pm 4/16/12 3:18pm

10 Movies and TV Shows Where Everybody Probably Died 5 Minutes After…

Hollywood loves to give us happy endings — but often as not, when the good guys scrape a last-minute victory in the face of incredible odds, you're left wondering how long it'll last. Maybe part of the reason why that victory seems so miraculous is because it'll never work. » 2/07/12 10:00am 2/07/12 10:00am

TV Pilots That Are as Good as Most Summer Movies

The fall TV season is beginning, and that means one thing — you're finally going to get to see the TV pilots that the networks have been sweating over for a year. Most of them will totally suck — even if the shows they launch wind up being good. But a few of them will be amazing, full of killer action and interesting… » 9/12/11 1:46pm 9/12/11 1:46pm

10 mind control clichés (and how to avoid them)

Mind control yarns are a staple of science fiction, but they tend to fall back on the same tropes. Fortunately for you, I've developed a character that blows all those tried-and-true formulas to smithereens. Join us as we reinvent the mind control tale. » 8/31/11 10:15am 8/31/11 10:15am

10 Myths About Television That Fans and Viewers Believe

It's almost fall TV season, which means just one thing — it's time to start second guessing the TV networks. Many new shows will be introduced, and most of them will die an ignominious death. » 8/25/11 10:00am 8/25/11 10:00am

This Wednesday, Wolverine meets Ahmadinejad and Dollhouse returns to…

There's a ton of promising new books this week. The X-Men file for divorce, Dollhouse returns with the new adventures of Alan Tudyk, and Jeff Smith of Bone releases a new issue of his awesome science fiction comic RASL. » 7/12/11 9:00am 7/12/11 9:00am

Video proof that Mark Sheppard is science fiction's ultimate badass

With his recent appearance on Doctor Who, Mark Sheppard cemented his place as science fiction's greatest character actor. But we've been loving Sheppard for years...and we assembled this video of every last one of his scifi roles to prove his awesomeness. » 4/28/11 1:37pm 4/28/11 1:37pm

Wednesday comics = new Kick-Ass, Lex Luthor, and some very Strange Tales

What's new in comic shops this week? Ed Brubaker wraps up his latest Incognito miniseries, Bill Willingham pulls the plug on Jack of Fables, and enough one-shot comics are out to wallpaper your bedroom. » 3/29/11 9:00am 3/29/11 9:00am

The hot new young adult novel that's being compared to Joss Whedon's…

Would Joss Whedon's Dollhouse have been a bigger hit if it had been pitched more to teenagers, a population who know a little something about people trying to erase their identities? A new young-adult novel aims to find out. » 3/24/11 11:59am 3/24/11 11:59am

One in five British people believe Lightsabers are real — and half…

In a sign that the line between science and science fiction is blurred in many people's brains (or just that you can get whatever result you want in a survey) a shocking number of Brits believe scifi tech is real. » 3/16/11 8:30am 3/16/11 8:30am

What it's like to be a young writer working with Joss Whedon and Kevin…

Andrew Chambliss is one of the most successful young writers in television — he's written some of the most memorable episodes of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse and The Vampire Diaries. He told us what it's like to work with genre legends. » 2/22/11 2:00pm 2/22/11 2:00pm