The Strange Case Of The Doll Seller Who Desperately Wanted To Be A Spy

Velvalee Dickinson, a Stanford grad who’d worked in the financial industry, moved to New York City from San Francisco in 1937, where she soon opened a shop that sold collectible dolls. But by 1942, she’d added a third entry to her resume or at least she really, really tried to: spying on behalf of Japan. »6/08/15 4:35pm6/08/15 4:35pm


In 1890, Thomas Edison created some of the world’s first “talking” dolls.

In 1890, Thomas Edison created some of the world’s first “talking” dolls. The vocal components were recently restored to reveal insanely eerie, shrill intonations (even their inventor found them “unpleasant.”) The not-easily-spooked may listen to “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” here ... if you dare. »5/17/15 5:00pm5/17/15 5:00pm

20 Weird, Insane And Extremely Disturbing Barbie Dolls

There are plenty of lists about the “weirdest” Barbie dolls on the internet, but they only scratch the surface of the insane, sometimes terrifying world of the best-selling doll. Here are 20 totally real, official Barbies that prove she hasn’t just conquered girls toys, she may have literally conquered the universe. »1/30/15 1:00pm1/30/15 1:00pm

Will toy companies keep us from ever getting a superheroine movie?

Welcome to Postal Apocalypse, the only mail column on the internet written by a fake mailman from the future (that I know of)! Today we're discussing how toys affect movies — or prevent them, why DC seems determined to piss off everybody, and the best songs to sing around your apocalyptic campfire (besides "Every Rose… »9/11/13 11:30am9/11/13 11:30am

Photo portraits of retired ventriloquist dummies are filled with surprising sorrow

Ventriloquist dummies are made to be anthropomorphized, and their not-quite-human appearance is precisely what makes them so unnerving. So when I first heard of celebrity photographer Matthew Rolston's book of dummy portraits, I expected a creepy celebration of the uncanny valley. But so many of these photos,… »2/23/13 2:30pm2/23/13 2:30pm

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

Dollhouse will be about "identity, self-determination" and the fact that "free will is both a blessing and a pain in the ass, " says creator Joss Whedon, who helped revolutionize science fiction with his space western Firefly. Also important strands in the show: Joss' view that Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation »4/16/08 5:00pm4/16/08 5:00pm