Dolph Lundgren leading a robot army against zombies just seems unfair

I mean, come on. Robots versus zombies seems like a pretty fair fight. But the trailer for the new movie Battle of the Damned — and I use the word "movie" loosely — stars Lundgren teaming up with the robots, and I'm pretty sure the living dead should crawl back in their graves if they don't want their decaying asses… » 12/19/13 2:40pm 12/19/13 2:40pm

Do you want to see all of the new Universal Soldier movie in 90…

The latest Kickpuncher Universal Soldier movie is coming out soon — and here's an excellent new trailer that ticks off all your boxes. Will Dolph Lundgren be screaming things like "YOUR MINDS ARE NOW YOUR OWN!"? Will Jean-Claude Van Damme be trashing lots of panes of glass while kicking and shooting big guns? Will there … » 9/12/12 5:30pm 9/12/12 5:30pm

25 years ago, the He-Man Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float would've…

It wasn't the R&B madness of Marvel Comics' 1980s parade floats, but the 1986 Masters of the Universe rig did an admirable job showcasing such crowd favorites as Mosquitor and Snout Spout. Does anybody know what Snout Spout's doing these days? I'd love to interview that guy. Dolph Lundgren narrated this performance on… » 11/24/11 6:30am 11/24/11 6:30am

Dolph Lundgren + Ninjas + Time Travel + Knights = Uwe Boll's next movie

Dolph Lundgren has unveiled Uwe Boll's latest cinematic masterpiece (after the insanely offensive Blubberella, naturally). It's a movie about a time-traveling Vietnam vet, who fights ninjas and knights. He's just screwing with us now, right? » 12/02/10 10:30am 12/02/10 10:30am

Dolph Lundgren Talks About He-Man, And Why Death Is Never Permanent

We defrosted action icon Dolph "F—k You Spaceman" Lundgren and got a chance to chat about He-Man's leathery undies, the state of today's action films, and why he almost didn't reprise his role in Universal Soldier: Regeneration. » 2/12/10 1:30pm 2/12/10 1:30pm