John Dies At The End is a carnival ride through the subconscious of the American horrorscape

John Dies At The End has a relatively tiny budget, but it's still one of the year's most anticipated movies. The novel it's based on, by Cracked's David Wong, was a huge Internet sensation, and we've been starved for truly oddball, universe-melting comic weirdness at the movies lately. So how does the movie of John… »1/25/13 12:40pm1/25/13 12:40pm


Your Chance to See John Dies at the End for Free in San Francisco!

The gonzo adventure movie John Dies at the End opens in limited release on Friday, but it's not coming to San Francisco and Berkeley until February 8. Except that a few lucky io9 readers can get passes to a free preview screening this Wednesday, Jan. 30, at the Embarcadero Cinema. Just go to this Eventbrite link and… »1/23/13 5:10pm1/23/13 5:10pm

Why John Dies at the End Kept Director Don Coscarelli Up at Night

Don Coscarelli, the brains behind some of our favorite movies including Bubba Ho-Tep and Phantasm, doesn't think Hollywood takes you very seriously. Which is why he's making John Dies at the End just as frenetic and insane as the wacky source material written by David Wong. We talked with Coscarelli in this… »1/15/13 1:00pm1/15/13 1:00pm