Heathers writer and Mean Girls director teaming up for the undead…

We've been excited about the big-screen adaptation of Richelle Mead's fabulous and fun Vampire Academy series, about a half-vampire teen training to be a bodyguard for her noble vamp best friend, ever since Don Murphy and Michael Preger announced they would be producing the films, but we worried the movies might dumb… » 2/02/13 8:00am 2/02/13 8:00am

Could Vampire Academy Be The Next Hunger Games?

In the wake of The Hunger Games dominating the box office, studios are rushing faster than ever to find more young-adult books to turn into movies. According to the Los Angeles Times, it's become a feeding frenzy, to the point that Universal paid $1 million for the rights to a book that's only sold about 23,000 copies… » 3/28/12 12:46pm 3/28/12 12:46pm

The makers of Real Steel explain why robot boxing really is the future!

Real Steel takes a quirky Richard Matheson story about robot boxing and turns it into a thrilling tale of robots beating each other to scrap metal. We caught up with the stars and creative team behind this film, and they explained how they went about creating a world nine years into the future. » 10/06/11 2:40pm 10/06/11 2:40pm

Del Toro's At the Mountains of Madness starts filming in June [UPDATED]

Guillermo del Toro's journey into the heart of H.P. Lovecraft's eldritch horror is really happening, a producer tells io9. At the Mountains of Madness begins filming in June? Could this be the Lovecraftian film that actually destroys your mind? » 3/07/11 8:00am 3/07/11 8:00am

Alan Moore: DC "offered me the rights to Watchmen back."

In a recent interview with Wired to promote his spoken word set Unearthing, Moore claimed that DC offered him the rights to Watchmen this week, albeit with certain unsavory stipulations. » 7/22/10 9:00am 7/22/10 9:00am

It's Like The Outsiders, Only With xBoxes And Culture-Jamming

Cory Doctorow's Hugo-nominated story of teen hackers thwarting a paranoid surveillance state, Little Brother, has been optioned by producer Don Murphy (Natural Born Killers, From Hell.) Assuming it actually happens, which teen actor would you want to play Marcus? » 6/18/09 1:00pm 6/18/09 1:00pm