How To Hack Your Street Lamps Like An Astronaut

A bright street lamp can ruin a night of stargazing, saturating your retinas with light and washing out the comparatively faint glow of constellations and meteors. Here's a handy hack you can use the next time you need to put one temporarily (and reversibly) out of business, courtesy of NASA astronaut Don Pettit. » 2/19/15 3:55pm 2/19/15 3:55pm

This ISS Timelapse Compilation Is Fantastic

Stop what you're doing, set aside three minutes of your time and watch this. This newly released compilation of footage captured by astronauts aboard ISS missions 29, 30 and 31 is simply outstanding. » 12/04/13 1:00pm 12/04/13 1:00pm

Listen to the radio diary of a zucchini plant aboard the ISS

Astronaut Don Pettit personifies one of the zucchini plants aboard the International Space Station in his series "Diary of a Space Zucchini." Now New Hampshire Public Radio has given that zucchini and its existential reflections a voice. » 9/21/13 5:00pm 9/21/13 5:00pm

Watch an astronaut turn himself into a floating head... in space!

There are some moments when you think that Don Pettit has lost his damn mind, in the coolest way possible. One of those moments is in this video, in which he turns himself into a floating disembodied head. And he does it, using just some water and the International Space Station. » 7/31/12 1:17pm 7/31/12 1:17pm

Watch an astronaut use LEGOs to make a square planet orbit a cylinder

See Don Pettit play with LEGOs! See him make sparks! See him make a block of styrofoam orbit a Van de Graaff generator like a little square planet! See it — and remember for the billionth time why nerds in space are awesome. » 6/29/12 1:20pm 6/29/12 1:20pm

Listen to orbiting astronauts discuss our future robot overlords

Every day we get more evidence that astronauts are giant nerds. Today you can listen to them ooh and ahh over a basic cornstarch and water experiment, and discuss how it might lead to their destruction at the hands of robot overlords. » 5/25/12 3:30pm 5/25/12 3:30pm

The Earth Looks Gorgeously Fragile in Infrared

Our planet looks very different, when viewed in infrared light from space. Astronaut Don Pettit shoots footage of huge swathes of our planet from the International Space Station — first using a regular camera, and then using a camera that films in infrared. Take a look at glowing red forests and strangely blue lakes. » 5/11/12 12:40pm 5/11/12 12:40pm

This is what ZZ Top looks like in space

Astronaut Don Pettit (previously: 1, 2, 3) loves performing intriguing experiments using the microgravity of the International Space Station. For his most recent video, Pettit visualized the sound waves of ZZ Top's "TV Dinners" using several blobs of water and a speaker. Now I sort of want a television series in… » 5/10/12 8:40am 5/10/12 8:40am

Watch bubbles inside bubbles inside bubbles inside space!

Take a look at the International Space Station, where Don Pettit constructs what can only be called Russian Nesting Bubbles - a series of thick-rimmed bubbles inside other bubbles, all of which center themselves. » 4/21/12 10:30am 4/21/12 10:30am

How astronauts use "space cups" to drink in low gravity

How can astronauts drink in space? If your answer is, 'through a straw so drops don't fly off and damage the instruments around them,' then Don Pettit has proven that you're a fool. Check out how astronauts can enjoy drinks from an open container like civilized ground-people. » 3/19/12 10:40am 3/19/12 10:40am

Watch drops of water in space 'orbit' a knitting needle like tiny…

Ever wonder what planets would look like orbiting a cylindrical sun? Now, thanks to the magic of electric charge, microgravity, and awesome astronaut Don Pettit, you can see for yourself. Watch tiny liquid planets 'orbit' a knitting needle, and find out why they do. » 3/09/12 3:40pm 3/09/12 3:40pm

Holy crap, normal water can behave like bouncing rubber in space

When you're aboard the International Space Station, every day (understandably) brings new excitement. NASA astronaut and chemical engineer Don Pettit has been documenting these small daily wonders along with the American Physical Society on YouTube. » 3/08/12 5:25pm 3/08/12 5:25pm

Astronaut does an experiment with candy corn in space

Don Pettit, on the international space station, swiped everyone's candy corn - for science! In this video, with candy corn, water, and oil, he shows how soap molecules clean people's clothes. Then he pigs out on the candy corn. » 11/18/11 11:14am 11/18/11 11:14am

Watch the Earth bloom with lights in this time-lapse movie taken from…

This movie was taken by Don Pettit on the International Space Station - it's a time-lapse view of the Earth zooming by. You can see the northern lights glowing in the atmosphere, over illuminated cities. Gorgeous. » 9/06/10 7:30am 9/06/10 7:30am