All of the Ways Last Night's GOP Debate Was Dangerously Wrong About Science


For every elected official who carefully educates themselves on the facts and research prior to making an informed decision, there are a dozen more who have no problem shooting their mouths off on talking points they do not understand. As we learned last night in the second Republican presidential primary debate, many… »9/17/15 2:33pm9/17/15 2:33pm

Donald Trump Lies to Little Boy: "I Am Batman."

Noted Donald Trump enthusiast Donald Trump lied to a group of children yesterday during an incredible series of events that played out like the bleakest of CNN wet dreams. In a video posted to Facebook, a boy points a camera at the petulant clown running for president and asks, point-blank, if he is Batman. Trump’s… »8/17/15 1:00am8/17/15 1:00am

Here's a Fairly Comprehensive List of Anti-Vaccination Celebrities 

The battle over SB 277, California’s bill mandating that children must be fully vaccinated to enroll in schools or daycare, has been tough, emotional, and completely bonkers, creating a new wave of vocal anti-vaccination activists, some of whom are willing to dox, harass and threaten anyone speaking in favor of it. SB… »6/30/15 2:17pm6/30/15 2:17pm