Donald Trump Lies to Little Boy: "I Am Batman."

Noted Donald Trump enthusiast Donald Trump lied to a group of children yesterday during an incredible series of events that played out like the bleakest of CNN wet dreams. In a video posted to Facebook, a boy points a camera at the petulant clown running for president and asks, point-blank, if he is Batman. Trump’s… » 8/16/15 10:00pm 8/16/15 10:00pm

Here's a Fairly Comprehensive List of Anti-Vaccination Celebrities 

The battle over SB 277, California’s bill mandating that children must be fully vaccinated to enroll in schools or daycare, has been tough, emotional, and completely bonkers, creating a new wave of vocal anti-vaccination activists, some of whom are willing to dox, harass and threaten anyone speaking in favor of it. SB… » 6/30/15 11:17am 6/30/15 11:17am