See the magazine cover that Doctor Who was denied in 1963

In an alternate universe, the very first episode of Doctor Who was greeted by this awesome cover of the Radio Times, the BBC's venerable weekly guide to television listings. But in our world, this cover was mocked up — and then canceled because of a belief that Doctor Who was just a fill-in show that was going nowhere. »7/30/13 12:50pm7/30/13 12:50pm


New research suggests that you too can become a wine snob

Do you find yourself completely lost whenever your friends go off on long-winded descriptions of a wine's aroma and bouquet? Well there may be hope for you yet, you uncultured brute. A new animal study — wherein researchers trained rats to distinguish between three very similar, albeit different, smells — suggests… »11/21/11 2:19pm11/21/11 2:19pm