Here's What Victorian London Looks Like Invaded By 600 Book Worlds

Art collective Dorothy has added to its collection of fiction-based maps (previous editions include a movies map in Los Angeles and a TV map in Washington) with a book map loosely constructed around Victorian London. So, in case you were wondering, Anne of Avonlea is at the intersection of Basil of Baker Street and … »6/18/14 5:00am6/18/14 5:00am


Lake Placid and Pan's Labyrinth sit inside Jurassic Park according to this massive movie title map

In the distant land where movies come to life, Count Dracula and Dr. Frankenstein are neighbors, Jurassic Park is enclosed by the Way of the Vampire and the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and both Shutter Island and the Island of Dr. Moreau sit within the banks of the Reservoir Dogs — at least according to this fanciful… »7/21/12 11:00am7/21/12 11:00am