The Doubleclicks Release A Sweet Music Video About Growing Up

It's no secret, we love The Doubleclicks. Their latest little ditty "Really Big Chickens" is all about growing up and dinosaurs. This song is yanking on our heartstrings. It's absolutely delightful. » 7/03/14 7:00am 7/03/14 7:00am

Han and Leia sing "Baby It's Cold Outside" while Luke freezes on Hoth

No matter what holiday you may or may not celebrate this time of year, I think this wonderful, Star Wars-themed cover of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by nerd-bands Kirby Krackle and The Doubleclicks is a present for us all. So grab a cup of cocoa, nestle in the hollowed-out belly of your favorite Tauntaun, and give it a… » 12/19/13 3:40pm 12/19/13 3:40pm

The Doubleclicks’ “Nothing to Prove” is the ultimate geek girl anthem

I invite you all to listen to the Doubleclicks' song "Nothing to Prove," and watch its amazing video, starring 100% authentic geek girls, many of whom have been disrespected, ostracized, ogled and insulted by their fellow nerds. It's both dispiriting and moving, but it's something every nerd should watch. » 7/24/13 2:50pm 7/24/13 2:50pm