The book about earthworms that took Charles Darwin 44 years to write

For most of his adult life, Charles Darwin was mulling over the earthworm question. In the years before his famous adventure on the H.M.S. Beagle, he began investigating how these creatures creates soil-enriching mold during their digestive process. Off and on in the decades after that, he continued to ponder… » 1/23/13 4:50pm 1/23/13 4:50pm

The greatest science e-book created so far

Over at science e-book review Download the Universe, Carl Zimmer says he's found the greatest science e-book yet created — and he just may be right. The book is Leonardo da Vinci Anatomy, and it's an iPad app that explores a collection of Leonardo's anatomy drawings (many of which were hidden from the public until… » 5/28/12 10:50am 5/28/12 10:50am