Gary Whitta's Howard Stark/Downton Abbey mashup script is Excellent

Well, I don't think anyone saw this coming. Book of Eli, After Earth (and upcoming Star Wars) scribe Gary Whitta has released a script imagining if the stuffy world of British drama Downton Abbey was part of the Marvel Universe - and how Tony Stark's dad would fit in with Lord Grantham and family. »11/25/14 11:19am11/25/14 11:19am

Zombies invade Downtown Abbey and the Dowager Countess is quite unamused

WARNING: I don't know what the io9/Downton Abbey crossover audience is, but this video contains spoilers for season 3 of the show. All you Downton Abbey fans who are caught up, you should be quite pleased by this small motion comic, which illustrates even the dead must have manners at Downton. As for everybody else?… »3/21/13 10:20am3/21/13 10:20am