The 10 greatest paranormal teen comedies of the 1980s

The 1980s wasn't just the golden age of Star Trek movies — it was also the heydey of teen comedies, from Porkys to Molly Ringwald. And what could be better than teenage hijinks with scientific craziness or bizarre supernatural powers? » 12/16/10 1:26pm 12/16/10 1:26pm

The Raunchiest Science Fiction Comedies, Ranked In Order Of Nastiness

This weekend's Hot Tub Time Machine is not the raunchiest scifi comedy of all time. Let's take a moment to pay respect to the trail-blazing filth that came before. Here are some films you wouldn't watch with your grandparents. » 3/25/10 4:58pm 3/25/10 4:58pm

Keep Your Alien Sex Tentacle Out Of The Girls' Locker Room! [NSFW]

Nerdy teen Wesley gets injected with an alien formula. Now he has a tentacle on his forehead that drives Earthwomen wild with lust. Too bad he strays into the girls' locker room, where the entire cheerleading squad jumps him. NSFW! » 6/10/09 9:56pm 6/10/09 9:56pm