And now, a woman sings both parts of Dr. Horrible's "My Eyes" — and slays us

This is shiver-inducing and hilarious by turns. Just like Dr. Horrible! 3thirdsX1idiot (Three Thirds of an Idiot) is a college student who admits she may have weirded her roommate out by singing several parts of the song multiple times while making this recording. If one roommate's sanity had to be sacrificed for us… »10/24/12 5:47pm10/24/12 5:47pm

The Dr. Horrible television premiere was a glimpse of the post-TV future

Last night marked the first broadcast TV airing of the web sensation Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. I didn't watch it. Sorry CW network, but I've already got the whole thing memorized from watching it repeatedly online and on DVD. But I loved seeing everybody from Felicia Day to my geeky friends tweeting about it —… »10/10/12 5:10pm10/10/12 5:10pm