Most Mind-Blowing Surprise Endings from Science Fiction and Fantasy…

Lots of science fiction and fantasy novels have twist endings — but a few of them have twists so startling, they actually change your understanding of what's been going on in the whole book. The coolest twist endings turn the whole reality of the story on its head and leave you rethinking everything you've read thus… » 5/17/12 3:00pm 5/17/12 3:00pm

Guillermo del Toro Brings Back the Days of Classic Universal Monsters

Guillermo del Toro, who raised the bar on monster-making in Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth, is now set to helm two more classic monster movies — as well as adapt a classic Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. novel. Though del Toro's next project is a two-movie version of The Hobbit, he's also apparently cut a deal with Universal to… » 9/04/08 1:57pm 9/04/08 1:57pm