In Singapore, Dr. Who is not a significant source of dietary fiber

While visiting Singapore, Marvel Comics talent scout C.B. Cebulski discovered Dr. Who bottled water, an oxygenated beverage that has absolutely nothing to do with the television show. The legality of this seems somewhat dodgy, but hey, at least we now know that Dr. Who contains no sodium or carbohydrates. Also, the… »8/27/11 10:45am8/27/11 10:45am

The adventures of Doctor Who (as told by someone who's never seen Doctor Who)

Cartoonist Kate Beaton — who helms the webcomic Hark, a Vagrant and once wrote the adventures of Sexy Batman — has never watched Doctor Who, but that didn't stop her from writing her own Who comic. In her adventure, "the Doctor with hair like this" and "hot sidekick assistant" "go back in time and solve a thing." »2/19/11 1:05pm2/19/11 1:05pm