How Did This Long-Buried Dragon Skeleton Roar Back to Life ... And What Will Happen Next?

Hidden for centuries, an ancient dragon bursts forth, with only the tree roots that’ve grown around its skeleton keeping it from taking flight. What brought this mighty mythical creature back to life? What will happen next? And what, exactly, are the reactions of those two human figures at the left? »9/24/15 9:00pm9/24/15 9:00pm


Dammit, Congress: Just Buy NASA its Own Space Taxi, Already

Ever since the shuttle program ended, NASA has been paying Russia to ferry U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station. But the price-per-seat aboard Russia’s spacecraft has gotten ridiculous. The solution is clear and cost-effective: The US needs its own space taxis. So why won’t Congress pay for it? »8/21/15 2:20pm8/21/15 2:20pm

These Astronauts Will be the First to Launch With SpaceX and Boeing

NASA Thursday named the first four astronauts who will fly on the first U.S. commercial spaceflights in private crew transportation vehicles being built by Boeing and SpaceX – marking a major milestone towards restoring American human launches to U.S. soil as soon as mid-2017, if all goes well. »7/10/15 2:30pm7/10/15 2:30pm

Unicorn hoof boots to sexually excite the fantasy horse fetishist in us all

Turn your ugly human leg into a gorgeous unicorn or dragon leg. For a whopping $440, you can get these made-to-order fantasy hooves from Etsy seller Oonacat. The designer also has a collection of sexy horns for your head because OBVIOUSLY. Had we the cash, we would be wearing these right now and revising our one-man … »3/03/13 4:15pm3/03/13 4:15pm

Disney World builds a giant, fire-breathing dragon that can FLY

This might be the most amazing thing we've seen all month. In celebration of the brand new Fantasyland expansion, Disney World constructed a life-size, fire-breathing dragon and flew it around the Magic Kingdom. The nighttime video is chill-inducing, as the giant, winged beast spits fire through the sky. Check out… »12/12/12 10:49am12/12/12 10:49am