Watch SpaceX launch its second cargo mission to the ISS, live on io9!

Last May, SpaceX's Dragon capsule became the first commercial spacecraft in history to visit the International Space Station. This morning, the private spaceflight company will attempt to do it again. » 3/01/13 6:30am 3/01/13 6:30am

SpaceX has completed its first commercial cargo delivery to the ISS

Early this morning, SpaceX's supply-hauling Dragon capsule was successfully captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station, in the first-ever commercial cargo delivery to the manned space outpost. » 10/10/12 7:00am 10/10/12 7:00am

The "anomaly" that almost destroyed SpaceX's rocket launch

Last night, SpaceX kicked off its brand new cargo-hauling contract with NASA by launching a supply-laden Dragon capsule on a trip to the International Space Station; and while all signs indicate that Dragon is doing fine, video footage reveals that the Falcon 9 rocket used to lift the capsule had some... technical… » 10/08/12 1:53pm 10/08/12 1:53pm

SpaceX Success! The Era of Private Space Flight Has Officially Begun

SpaceX has done it. At 12:02 p.m. EDT, the company's Dragon capsule became the first commercial spacecraft in history to be captured and berthed to the International Space Station, and the first U.S. spacecraft to visit the ISS since the Space Shuttle Atlantis last July. » 5/25/12 10:35am 5/25/12 10:35am

SpaceX Takes Flight

After experiencing its fair share of setbacks, SpaceX has finally done it. At 3:44 a.m. EDT, the company successfully launched its Dragon capsule into low Earth orbit atop its towering Falcon 9 rocket. In doing so, it has become the first private company in history to send a spacecraft to the International Space… » 5/22/12 7:25am 5/22/12 7:25am

SpaceX clears Falcon 9 rocket for Tuesday morning launch

Its first launch attempt was cut short less than a second before liftoff on Saturday morning, but private space transportation company SpaceX will be trying once again to send its Dragon capsule to the International Space Station early tomorrow morning. » 5/21/12 11:57am 5/21/12 11:57am

SpaceX's first bid at cab service to ISS is a bust

The first attempt to send a commercial spacecraft to the International Space Station was aborted less than a second before liftoff this morning, after an onboard computer detected a problem in one of its launch vehicle's nine engines. » 5/19/12 11:30am 5/19/12 11:30am

All systems are go for Saturday's historic SpaceX launch

It's official. According to Elon Musk, CEO of private space-transport company SpaceX, NASA has given the final go-ahead on a launch that, if successful, will mark the dawn of a new era in spaceflight: the era of commercial spacecraft. Liftoff is scheduled for Saturday morning. » 5/18/12 9:20am 5/18/12 9:20am

Cab Service to the International Space Station Will Begin Ahead of…

Public access to multi-passenger spacecraft like Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo may still be a few years off, but NASA's personal cab service to and from the International Space Station is set to kick off ahead of schedule. » 8/17/11 5:35pm 8/17/11 5:35pm