Frank Drake: "It Would Be Silly" To Message Alien Life Today

Frank Drake, creator of the eponymous equation formulated to predict the probability of finding communicative extraterrestrial life in our galaxy, thinks that actively transmitting messages into outer space (as opposed to listening passively for extraterrestrial communication) is a silly, expensive, and inefficient… »2/16/15 5:20pm2/16/15 5:20pm


To Learn How Aliens Think, We Must First Learn About Their Biology

Should E.T. finally give Earth a ring, it's not only important to understand what the message says but why it is being sent, a speaker at a talk about extraterrestrials urged this week. This requires understanding about alien social behavior, which, one analyst argues, is an extension of alien biology. »10/05/14 12:30pm10/05/14 12:30pm

Nadia Drake Reflects On The Impact of Her Father's Famed Equation

In 1961, Frank Drake formulated an equation that would change the way we see ourselves in the Universe, and inspire in an unprecedented way the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Now, more than fifty years later, his daughter, science writer Nadia Drake, looks back on the impact of her father's eponymous… »7/02/14 7:30pm7/02/14 7:30pm

New Kepler data could change our odds of meeting aliens

Earlier this week we reported on the astounding revelation that 22% of sunlike stars in the Milky Way are orbited by potentially habitable, Earth-sized worlds. Given that there may be billions upon billions of life-friendly planets out there, it's time to revise the numbers in the Drake Equation and estimate how many… »11/08/13 12:38pm11/08/13 12:38pm

A New Equation Reveals Our Exact Odds of Finding Alien Life

It’s been over half a century since Frank Drake developed an equation to estimate the probability of finding intelligent life in our galaxy. We’ve learned a lot since then, prompting an astrophysicist from MIT to come up with her own take on the equation. Here’s how the new formula works — and how it could help in the… »6/21/13 2:00pm6/21/13 2:00pm

Use this interactive chart to figure out how many alien worlds exist across the entire universe

BBC Future, with the help of iib Studio, has put together a very cool interactive calculator that takes the Drake equation to the next level. Typically, the equation is used to estimate how many radio-transmitting civilizations could currently exist in the Milky Way Galaxy — but by adding just one extra variable, it… »8/22/12 1:54pm8/22/12 1:54pm