A Chat with Sonia Van Meter, Woman Preparing for a One-Way Trip to Mars

Sonia Van Meter is the managing director of Stanford Caskey, a national Democratic opposition research firm. She's also one of 100 candidates selected by Mars One for Martian colonization in 2025. Many are skeptical of Mars One's prospects; many (like Buzz Aldrin) hope the mission succeeds. Regardless, Mars is the… » 2/24/15 1:30pm 2/24/15 1:30pm

Bad Dreams About Your Upcoming Exam May Work To Your Advantage

A recent study shows that medical students who had negative dreams about an exam the night before did better than those students who didn't. The results offer support for the Threat Simulation Theory, which suggests we dream as a way to prepare for real-life threats. » 11/04/14 6:00pm 11/04/14 6:00pm

What Do Animals Really Dream About?

If animals dream like us, where do they go in their slumber? Some scientists have discovered that we can peer into the minds of sleeping cats, birds and other creatures to find out. » 8/21/14 11:33am 8/21/14 11:33am

Short documentary turns folks into personifications of their nightmares

In Dreams is an experimental documentary on a familiar subject: common recurring nightmares. But with a little animation, the dreamers are transformed into the very things they fear when they close their eyes. » 12/08/13 4:00pm 12/08/13 4:00pm

Industry groups fund studies to prove cheese doesn't cause nightmares

There's a common bit of folk wisdom that claims ingesting cheese before bed can cause you to have weird dreams, nightmares, and even night terrors. In an effort to combat this myth, the cheese industry has been funneling money into poorly conducted (albeit pretty entertaining) scientific studies. » 11/11/13 10:30am 11/11/13 10:30am

What is the most common nightmare?

Scientists have been investigating nightmares for over a century. Their work has resulted in some seriously bizarre findings, but nothing is more strange than the discovery of what people's most common nightmares are. » 11/08/13 2:00pm 11/08/13 2:00pm

10 theories that explain why we dream

The study of dreaming is called oneirology, and it's a field of inquiry that spans neuroscience, psychology, and even literature. Still, the plain fact is that the reasons why we dream are still mysterious. But that hasn't stopped scientists from coming up with some pretty fascinating hypotheses. Here are ten of them. » 7/24/13 12:28pm 7/24/13 12:28pm

Your Dreams Might Be Ruining Your Love Life

We know our dreams aren’t real — and we certainly know that the actions of the people in our dreams can’t be held against them in real life. But a new study suggests we may be doing exactly that, albeit at an unconscious level. » 5/13/13 12:00pm 5/13/13 12:00pm

Brain Scans Can Predict What You're Dreaming About

A recent experiment in Japan shows that some of our most private thoughts may be more accessible than previously assumed. By hooking up volunteers to brain scanners, and then correlating accounts of their dreams to visual images, researchers have developed a brain decoding technique allowing them to predict broad… » 4/05/13 9:30am 4/05/13 9:30am

How to stop nightmares from destroying your sleep

Nightmares are one of the more loathsome aspects of the human condition. But there is a science behind these terrifying visions. And there are actually a few simple ways to keep the bad dreams away. » 10/17/12 11:33am 10/17/12 11:33am

A handy guide to lucid dreaming, with additional tips from Richard…

Anyone who's had one will tell you: lucid dreams are ridiculously, comically, and sometimes obscenely fun — but they're also notoriously difficult to experience. In their latest video, the folks at AsapSCIENCE serve up a series of quick, scientifically informed tips on how to experience nighttime reveries on your… » 10/11/12 9:30am 10/11/12 9:30am

Neuroscientists successfully control the dreams of rats. Could humans…

Researchers working at MIT have successfully manipulated the content of a rat's dream by replaying an audio cue that was associated with the previous day's events, namely running through a maze (what else). The breakthrough furthers our understanding of how memory gets consolidated during sleep — but it also holds… » 9/03/12 8:00am 9/03/12 8:00am

Vitamin B-6 may help people remember their dreams

Tired of waking up in the morning with nothing you can use to bore your co-workers or classmates? Sick of restful sleep unburdened by the constant thought of waking life? A lot of rumors, and one study, indicate that Vitamin B-6 might be for you. » 4/07/12 9:30am 4/07/12 9:30am

Do science fiction and fantasy cause recurring dreams?

When we dream, the body is out for the count, but the mind is still a stew of thoughts and interpretations. But in this seemingly random stew, some dreams bubble up to the top again and again. And science fiction and fantasy might be the reason why. » 4/04/12 6:35am 4/04/12 6:35am

Why does falling asleep sometimes feel like falling down?

We've covered sleep twitches, the unconscious twitches that people make while they're asleep. They're the result of the unconscious and conscious brain both being online at the same time. Sometimes people twitch themselves awake. This is preferable to another strange sleep tic — the sudden sensation of falling that… » 3/22/12 9:30am 3/22/12 9:30am

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Dreams

If we're to believe some of the latest scientific research on sleep (or even just viral YouTube videos), the effects of dreams have likely bewildered Earth's creatures for hundreds of millions of years. But humankind, in particular, has fostered a unique and lasting fascination with dreaming. » 10/24/11 10:59am 10/24/11 10:59am

Real-Life Inception: Army looks to "counteract nightmares" with digital…

A soldier tries to sleep. But he is not safe in his dreams. Jolted awake by a nightmare, the combat veteran fumbles in the dark for his 3-D glasses. » 10/22/11 1:45pm 10/22/11 1:45pm

Mind-reading machines could soon record your dreams

A new advance in recording and interpreting brain activity will open the door to machines that could record and play back your dreams. » 10/27/10 12:30pm 10/27/10 12:30pm

South Park to Inception: just because it's complicated doesn't mean…

South Park manages to slip in an Inception spoof right under the wire. While we agree that an overly complex plot does not necessarily make something interesting, we're much more impressed that they managed to fit Freddy Krueger in. » 10/21/10 1:30pm 10/21/10 1:30pm

Learn that dreams about bacon are evil with this 1800s snake oil catalog

The Kickapoo Indian Dream Book was a mail-order catalog from the 1800s that sold quack cures for ailments like dyspepsia and tapeworm. The best part of this pamphlet was the poetically absurd dream taxonomy, which warned readers about sinister bacon. » 8/31/10 2:28pm 8/31/10 2:28pm