Universal is rebooting Firestarter as a possible franchise

Universal wants to reboot the 1984 paranormal thriller starring young Drew Barrymore as the girl who can start fires with her mind. The reboot, based on the Stephen King novel, will have "more edge" and franchise appeal. [Variety] » 12/14/10 10:09am 12/14/10 10:09am

Will Blond Siren Drew Barrymore Direct Twilight's Eclipse?

Those youngster vampires are on a roll, and already Summit is reaching out to new directors for the third movie in the Twilight series, Eclipse. Rumor has it Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore is one of the many possibilities that Summit tapped to direct the feature. And why not? She's a professional at making movies… » 2/27/09 9:30am 2/27/09 9:30am