Why Drew Goddard Should Direct the Next Star Trek Movie

Maybe J.J. Abrams will really be able to helm Star Trek 3 after Star Wars VII. But we kind of doubt it. And out of all of the people in Abrams' orbit, there's one guy we'd actually like to see direct the next Star Trek: Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard. (Assuming Brad Bird isn't available, of course.) Here's… » 4/29/13 11:40am 4/29/13 11:40am

How do you make an Evil Dead movie after Cabin in the Woods?

In the new Evil Dead movie, five teenagers go to a cabin in the woods, and wind up raising something... sinister. Does that sound familiar? It's basically the premise of Cabin in the Woods, the horror spoof that Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon put out last year. Was Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez nervous about the… » 4/01/13 3:23pm 4/01/13 3:23pm

Cabin in the Woods gag reel shows the hilarious side to raising a…

Watch the cast from Cabin in the Woods try and get through one shot on their last day of filming, captured by everyone's favorite stoner, Fran Kranz. Obviously, we think it's important to point out that this is a zombie redneck torture family and not simply zombies — "It's like the difference between an elephant and… » 9/17/12 8:35am 9/17/12 8:35am

The Psychotic Cabin in the Woods Monsters You Didn't See in Theaters!

We've got an exclusive Blu-ray clip about the making of all the glorious monsters in Drew Goddard's Cabin in the Woods. And it includes a whole heap of new monsters that the FX crew and make up crew created. Fresh nightmares we've spotted include: a giant woman in a bikini, upside-down-face goblins, the blob, a… » 9/14/12 12:40pm 9/14/12 12:40pm

World War Z might not be an undead disaster after all

After a round of truly terrible set reports calling Marc Forster's adaptation of World War Z "headless" and doomed, Cabin In The Woods writer and director Drew Goddard was hired to smooth out any script issues. And Goddard has come out swinging for the much-maligned picture. In an interview with Collider, Goddard… » 7/30/12 8:50am 7/30/12 8:50am

Cabin in the Woods will make you love movies all over again

When you hear that Joss Whedon and his Buffy the Vampire Slayer comrade Drew Goddard have created a "meta" horror movie, you fear the worst: this is something that sneers at genre entertainment, or else panders to fans of it. At absolute best, you might think, Cabin in the Woods is a movie that will ruin you for other… » 4/13/12 9:20am 4/13/12 9:20am

Why Cabin in the Woods Really Is Like a Very Special Buffy Episode

The self-aware horror flick Cabin in the Woods' pulls its influences from some strange places, including classic horror movies. The biggest influence, though? Los Alamos, the government-created town that birthed the Atom Bomb. Find out why, in our exclusive interview with the flick's co-writer and director, Drew… » 4/12/12 3:20pm 4/12/12 3:20pm

First clip from Cabin in the Woods proves it's this generation's Scream

Here it is — the first ever clip from Cabin in the Woods is already channeling the self-aware-but-don't-really-care antics of Wes Craven's Scream. Watch as the gaggle of liquored up teens play Truth or Dare and casually associate strange happenings to "the wind." Hot damn, we love this movie. » 3/26/12 10:41am 3/26/12 10:41am

New Cabin in the Woods trailer starts to unravel the secrets of Joss…

The latest trailer for the little horror flick that could, The Cabin In The Woods is slowly starting to leak out a few clues about this movie, co-written and directed by Cloverfield's Drew Goddard. But trust us, what you see here isn't even the tip of the awesome iceberg. We're not going to spoil it for you here —… » 3/06/12 11:57am 3/06/12 11:57am