2012 Clarke Award finalists celebrate the diversity of science fiction

The Clarke Awards are always an interesting award to watch, because they're selected by a panel of judges who read widely in the field — and thus, some surprises can creep in. This year's six finalists include one book I've never heard of, and also run the gamut of every type of science fiction. Here's the list: »3/26/12 7:00pm3/26/12 7:00pm

If You Could Freeze Your Age, Which Age Would You Choose?

I recently wrote a novel called "The Postmortal" in which a scientist discovers a way to stop the human body from aging. You can still die after taking this cure. You can get shot or get AIDS or whatever. But your age stays the same. In the book, people freeze their age at various points. Old people still around when… »9/16/11 11:20am9/16/11 11:20am