New Lego Spinoff Movie Is In the Hands of Jason Segel

This seems like a great match: Jason Segel (The Muppets) and Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) will be writing and directing a LEGO Movie spinoff called "The Billion Brick Race." That seems pretty perfect. » 3/25/15 11:11pm 3/25/15 11:11pm

Runaways writer says this Movie Adaptation could be Marvel's Godfather

While chatting with the writer of Marvel's new short "All Hail The King," Drew Pearce revealed a few secrets about the other Marvel movies he's been working on. Specifically, on the long-awaited Runaways adaptation. » 2/07/14 2:05pm 2/07/14 2:05pm

First Look at The Mandarin short shows Trevor jailed but not defeated

Everyone's favorite Marvel whipping boy is back! Trevor Slattery will be returning to our lives after his short but brilliant bit as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3, thanks to the new Marvel movie short"All Hail the King." New details and images reveal the fate of dear old, drunk Trevor, and it's not good. » 1/09/14 9:40am 1/09/14 9:40am

How the Runaways Movie That Never Happened Helped to Fuel Iron Man 3

Before Drew Pearce co-wrote Iron Man 3, he was working on a screenplay of Brian K. Vaughan's amazing comic The Runaways. And before that, he created the superhero sitcom No Heroics. He talked to io9 about how those projects helped lead to Iron Man 3, and also addresses Iron Man 3's most controversial twists. Maximum… » 5/20/13 8:00am 5/20/13 8:00am

Runaways movie to begin filming in March 2011

The big-screen adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's Marvel comic Runaways will begin filming next spring in Los Angeles. Its production moniker, "Small Faces," is a reference to the British band who had a hit single entitled "Runaway." » 9/01/10 10:51am 9/01/10 10:51am

The creator of superhero comedy "No Heroics" will co-write the Runaways…

Drew Pearce brought a welcome Tick-inspired snark to superhero comedy No Heroics. So it's fantastic news that he's going to co-write the movie version of Brian K. Vaughn's ground-breaking comic The Runaways. [Deadline] » 5/28/10 11:48am 5/28/10 11:48am

The U.S. Isn't Ready For Snarky Superheroes?

Superheroes drink in a bar, try to get on TV, and have really weird/bad sex. Britain's No Heroics sounds like a perfect U.S. sitcom, but ABC passed. We asked creator Drew Pearce about it. » 5/18/09 12:00pm 5/18/09 12:00pm

Superhero Sitcom Won't Lose Its Powers When It Crosses The Atlantic

No Heroics, the British sitcom that proved superheroes can be just as raunchy and insecure as the rest of us, is coming to the U.S.. But ABC's version won't be a Life On Mars-style remake. Original creator Drew Pearce says he'll be involved in the new version, and it'll stay true to the U.K. version. We'll have more… » 2/13/09 10:30am 2/13/09 10:30am

Worst Superheroic Sex Role Play EVER!

Third-tier superhero The Hotness finally gets lucky with a super-groupie... but she wants to roleplay being rescued, in this bizarrely funny scene from No Heroics » 9/19/08 5:37pm 9/19/08 5:37pm, the new ITV superhero sitcom which aired last night in Britain. The really funny part about this scene is that you can sort of relate to the horror of…