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Although tattoos and body piercings have gone mainstream, they still carry a connotation of risky behavior. And a new study suggests this stereotype is borne out in the drinking habits of those who modify their bodies: they drink more alcohol than their friends with undecorated skins. » 4/17/12 3:20pm 4/17/12 3:20pm

Iron Age Europe was all about beer drinking and "competitive feasting"

It turns out Europe 2,600 years ago was pretty much exactly like one big college frat, with social elites vying for power and influence by throwing the most kickass parties - complete with lots of free beer. » 3/20/12 9:30am 3/20/12 9:30am

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Brain chemistry may explain why men are more likely to become alcoholics

Men are up to twice as likely to become alcoholics than women, and a new study indicates that this propensity may be tied to dopamine production. Researchers found that men's brains are hardwired to release more dopamine when consuming booze. » 10/18/10 11:10am 10/18/10 11:10am

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