Athlete Struck By Potentially Hacked Aerial Drone

An athlete competing at an Australian triathlon was sent to hospital after an aerial camera drone suddenly swooped down and smashed into her. The operator of the UAV claims someone nearby "channel hopped" the device — wresting control away from him. » 4/08/14 8:40am 4/08/14 8:40am

The U.S. Navy says stealth drones could be used to attack enemy planes

Imagine a scenario where a human pilot is accompanied by a fleet of robotic wingmen, each of them ready to attack any wayward enemy aircraft that dares to get in their way. The U.S. Navy says it's a distinct possibility — one that's not beyond current technological capabilities. » 2/14/14 2:20pm 2/14/14 2:20pm

Watch the first footage of the UK's Cylon-like stealth drone in flight

Taranis, the stealthy unmanned combat vehicle named after the Celtic god of Thunder, recently completed its first successful test flight. The British Air Force says it's the most advanced aircraft the UK's ever built — and based on sheer looks alone, we're inclined to agree. » 2/06/14 7:08am 2/06/14 7:08am

The U.S. has designated six sites for testing commercial drones

After a rigorous 10-month selection process, the FAA has announced the six U.S. states that will host sites for testing commercial-built drones. It's an important next step for developing the rules and standards under which drones will fly in U.S airspace. » 12/30/13 2:30pm 12/30/13 2:30pm

DARPA Tried to Build Skynet in the 1980s

From 1983 to 1993 DARPA spent over $1 billion on a program called the Strategic Computing Initiative. The agency's goal was to push the boundaries of computers, artificial intelligence, and robotics to build something that, in hindsight, looks strikingly similar to the dystopian future of the Terminator movies. They… » 12/18/13 6:50pm 12/18/13 6:50pm

Failed Delivery Receipts From Our Future

Today, we took a moment to imagine the not too-distant future promised by Amazon, where all our packages would arrive borne upon the backs of flying robots, a mere thirty minutes after we ordered them. But what, then, of the humble delivery receipt? Surely that simple artifact would not survive into so grand future?… » 12/02/13 4:30pm 12/02/13 4:30pm

Watch how a paralyzed man can use a quadrotor drone to fly

It's all drones all week at TED, with experts asking if these things will save us or destroy us. But as shown in this remarkable talk delivered teleremotely by quadriplegic Henry Evens, they have the potential to expand the worlds of bedridden people by giving them the sense of flight. » 11/20/13 12:59pm 11/20/13 12:59pm

Psychologists Propose Horrifying Solution to PTSD in Drone Operators

Drone operators often kill their targets from a continent away, but studies suggest that even thousands of miles of distance cannot mitigate war's devastating psychological effects. But just wait until you hear how researchers propose preventing PTSD, alcohol abuse and thoughts of suicide in drone operators. » 10/28/13 7:43am 10/28/13 7:43am

These super slow-motion clips of birds flying are awesome

Stanford University researchers want to build better flying robots. In order to eventually do this, they are filming birds in flight (including hummingbirds) using an ultra-high-speed video camera. Some of the clips they've acquired are nothing short of amazing. » 7/05/13 9:30am 7/05/13 9:30am

Person of Interest wants to remind you they predicted this NSA sh-t

At Comic Con, TV shows and movies create special room keycards for some of the big hotels, and it's just an extra bit of promotional shwag. But this year, Person of Interest is using its keycard to point out how prescient a lot of its surveillance themes have turned out to be, in a somewhat cheeky fashion. » 7/02/13 2:20pm 7/02/13 2:20pm